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¡¡¡¡Federation of Gulf countries chambers of commerce (hereinafter referred to FGCCC), is a comprehensive, effective international high-level economic organizations, based on the economic integration of GCC countries, includes six Gulf countries (UAE, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, The State of Kuwait, The Sultanate of Oman, The State of Qatar, The state of Bahrain), has 36 chambers of commerce, 760,000 registered members by the end of the 2008, headquarter is in Saudi Arabia. The purpose of establishing this kind of international economic organization is to keep GCC countries and other international economic organizations on an equal footing. Through Economic integration of FGCCC can further perfect the process of Arab economic integration, promoting international economic cooperation and prosperity.

¡¡¡¡FGCCC represents the general attitude and viewpoint of Arab country¡¯s Labor and Business industry, reconciling economic disputes and policy disputes among GCC countries and international organizations. The main responsibility is to offer information and technical support. FGCCC seeks to establish the economy on competing equally, non-monopolistic basis, boosting economic prosperity and society¡¯s equity and harmony. They also offer a very effective approach to enhancing and improving GCC country¡¯s employment and creativity. FGCCC is not just for GCC countries, it even plays an irreplaceably important role for member unit¡¯s harmonious development. FGCCC cooperates and communicates with 55,000,000 companies who represented by the following chambers of commerce: European Chamber of Commerce, Asia-Pacific Federation of Chamber of Commerce, China Trade Promotion Council, the United States Chamber of Commerce, Central and South American Federation, India Federation of Chamber of Commerce, Africa Federation of Chamber of Commerce, Malaysia Chamber of Commerce, Turkey Chamber of Commerce etc.

¡¡¡¡Gulf Cooperation Council countries is a growing international and emerging market, welcomes China cooperate us with the following fields: Energy, natural resources, petrochemical engineering , downstream petroleum industry, environmental protection, city greening, water, new energy resources, large-scale projects, mineral mining, heavy industry and fertilizer industry, food and agricultural industry, real estate, construction, tourism, leisure industries, financial services industry, insurance, small and medium-sized enterprises co-operation, transport, infrastructure, licensing, logistics, and retail trade, public health, education and human resources, telecommunications and information technology, general manufacturing, industrial diversification, agriculture, animal husbandry industry and fisheries etc.

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